The Linea reception desk counter – simple shaped, proving that less is more. The backlight of the base emphasises the glass facade.
The universal style allows Linea reception counter to appear in various interiors: from classic to contemporary. Modular construction enables us to create our own layout – straight or corner, adjusted to the role and size of a work space. A Reception counter with a low element works well in rooms where clients spend more time and an extended part is designed to allow accessibility. Taller units allow us to work in a standing position. Spacious vertical shutter cabinets and small lockers on the counter will help organise the documents. Donworth Office interiors pride this reception counter amongst one of the best in our office furniture ranges.


Remember – a reception desk is required to meet the increasing demand of customers, guests and employees. Make a great impression when introducing your company to visitors.

Your reception counter should guarantee enough working space and storage – making it more efficient for everyday tasks to be completed.

Allow to feature a large worktop for your employees. Adjusted to the height of seats and chairs on which they will work on.

Cable management allows the user to hide cables and other elements of the power supply that may be unpleasant to the eye, enabling safe movement around the facility and the reception.

Shaped features, wooden fronts, colour pop, illuminated elements – all that makes the reception counter catch attention with the unique look paired with functionality and practicality.

Make your reception counter one of a kind – Donworth Office Interiors provide an impressively wide choice of reception desk layouts, configurations and finishes. Allow our interiors team to design the reception just for your needs.