The BMA Ergonomic chair smart seating system is not just a task chair that helps you achieve a relaxed and healthy posture. Our BMA Axia chair is a sophisticated office seating range that brings together all our ergonomic expertise and technology. The BMA Ergonomic chair has been designed to support office workers that are involved in intensive work.

A seating system that makes users more aware of their posture and actively supports them. BMA Axia chair provides many benefits;

  • The seat and backrest move in unison, ensuring the correct support for the pelvis, while the angle between back and seat remains the same.
  • Patented synchronized split seat mechanism with tension adjustment, dual side operating levers.
  • Seat depth adjustment.
  • Height and depth adjustable armrests with adjustable pads – the armrests do not move with the chair in the dynamic position. This ensures that while you are working, the armrests remain in the same position relative to your desk, ensuring your arms receive optimum support in any posture.
  • Tested and certified to BS 5459 and EN 1335.
bma ergonomic chair


BMA Axia office chair helps you to actively relax.

The BMA Axia office chair is extremely well-suited as a project chair – an ultimate office chair for 98% of users.

The tipping mechanism of the BMA Axia chair supports a dynamic posture.