Jen is Donworth & Company’s one of the newest proposal for the operative office chairs – aimed at furnishing every office working space – comfortable, elegant and technically functional, providing multiple solutions to support everyday work.

Some of the key features of Jen office chair include:

  • Height adjustment.
  • 360° swivel.
  • Height and depth adjustable lumbar support.
  • Height adjustable arms.
  • Synchronised mechanism with 3 locking positions.
  • Assembled mesh back.

The ‘Jen’ task office chair comes complete with a mesh back in a choice of colours and an upholstered seat pad available in a choice of premium fabrics. We manufacture our office/task chairs using the highest Italian quality componentry, dense long lasting seating foam, and premium quality fire safe fabrics. Our team is lucky enough to work with premium suppliers, resulting in office chairs that are ergonomically conscious but also stylish. Browse through our collection online or pop into our showrooms to test them out for yourself.

Jen Chair
Eva Task Chair
Jen Chair
Jen Chair
Fabric Options

Office chairs come with a variety of mechanisms that may control the tilt angle, tension tightness and other functions. These features can make a huge difference depending on how much time you spend in your chair.

Mobility – Castors

Most office chairs, as well as our Jen Task chair have castors, allowing for ease of movement around your desk and removing the risk of straining when reaching across the desk to reach something.

Swivel Base

Jen Task chair allows you to freely swivel – turn around in your chair – for ease of access to various parts of the desk.

Lumbar Support

Our Jen office chair has a lumbar support for the lower back – it helps to keep the spine in its naturally curved ‘S’ shape – an adjustable lumbar support, allowing to fit it to the user.

Adjustable Height

The ability to modify the seat height of your office chair can be essential in keeping you comfortable even during long hours.

Tilt Control / Adjustability

Our Jen task chair has a tilt control, allowing for a slight angle of your seat back. Adjusting the backrest allows the user to relieve any pressure on the upper back by adapting to the posture.

Adjustable Armrests

Adjustable armrests may be an important source of support, preventing discomfort. Jen has height adjustable arms, ideal for smaller or taller structures.


Office chairs may vary with their materials. Seat should be adequately padded to offer support for the user. This also applies to arms and back if the chair is with solid back – some chairs may be with mesh back. Our Jen chair has a dense long lasting seat foam upholstered in premium quality fire safe fabric.