Alpha Linking
Acoustic screens are a versatile range of office space division screens that are functional and stylish. Finished with a choice of silver or graphite linking strips on each side and trim along the top. All linking screens link 2 way as standard and are supplied with a 2 way flexible linking strip.

Alpha Freestanding Screens

Camira Cara Fabrics
Cara is a plain weave screen fabric available in a wide selection of commercial colourways. One of our most popular vertical surface fabrics, Cara is used extensively on desk screens, wallsides and on pin boards.
This fabric is largely acoustically transparent and sound absorbing panels.

Camira Lucia Fabrics
Lucia is an ever popular crêpe weave synthetic screen fabric. It’s manufactured from 100% recycled polyester saving virgin raw materials and for a reduced environmental footprint. With a non lustrous appearance, its bold and bright colour palette is designed to complement the Xtreme range for upholstery. 
This fabric is acoustically transparent and as such is ideal to be used as a decorative facing for sound absorbing boards.