Quiet zones in demanding, buzzing offices spaces – the Hana acoustic booth performs well even in the most dynamic spaces. Thanks to the compact construction and ergonomic form of the phone booth, Hana will work in an even small room. The Hana acoustic booth ensures space for phone conversations and creates ideal environment that improves concentration and guarantees privacy in noisy open space.


  • Walls made with the same technology as the A-class Sonic acoustic screens.
  • Sound-absorbing upholstery materials inside and outside.
  • Automatic two-point lightning system.
  • Automatic ventilation with adjustable speed.
  • Optional Mediabox: 2x230V + 1xUSB + 1xUSB C.
  • Compact size.
  • Ideal for telephone calls.
  • Designed for open spaces in offices and public places.

Technical Data:

  • Top panel: outside – MDF 28 mm, upholstered, colour: LDS27 – black; inside – chipboard 12 mm upholstered, colour: LDS27 – black, two-point lighting; exhaust fan activated by a motion detector (adjustable ventilation speed); ventilation grate in the floor.
  • Body – 58 mm, upholstered walls with acoustic filling.
  • Shelf – MDF board 28 mm, lacquered, measurements: 1070 x 388 x 28 x 28 mm, colour: black.
  • Mediabox – 2x230V + 1xUSB + 1xUSB type C.
  • Rotary knob – powder coated steel, colour: black.
  • Door – toughened glass 8 mm, clear.
  • Bottom rim: outside – MDF 28 mm, upholstered, colour: LDS27 – black; inside – chipboard 18 mm, carpet, colour: graphite.
  • Electric hook-up. Electric systems available: EU, USA, Schuki, UK, Ch.
  • Additional information: Sonic technology structure with A-class acoustics certificate; automatic light switch simultaneously activating the ventilation system; 2 fans: 1 intake and 1 exhaust; volume 14dB, efficiency 90m3/h.
  • Dimensions: 1132 x 1184 mm, h. 2199mm.


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