Sonic desk screens are certified class A acoustic absorption panels that support creativity. The users get a chance to use panels of numerous dimensions to come up with a unique design of their choice. The ease of mounting the panels to the desks help to achieve great layouts that show impeccable acoustic properties. Sonic screens are finished with high quality fabrics, so that they catch attention and spice up the interior by introducing colour to it.

The sonic screens for desks are a perfect solution for open spaces in offices. They will not only designate and order the space, but also create semi private zones around the working stations. Made using the Sonic technology, the panels are filled with acoustic non-woven and have high sound absorption properties. Thus, they improve the comfort of work and favour concentration. Screens are fixed rigidly to the side part of the desk frame, not to interrupt the height adjustment mechanism. What is more, there is a possibility to pin them – thanks to that they enlarge the working surface.

The desk mounted screens efficiently reduce the noise level, eliminate reverberation in the interiors, and provide the sense of intimacy. Our screening is available in a range of materials, fabrics and budgets. They are fixed directly to a desk top to ensure stability and are also available with a range of accessories such as stationary rails and even company branding.

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