The Kaiva Meeting Pod creates a space for discussion and teamwork. The Kaiva seating modules were teamed with high screens and a practical table to create a cubicle for meetings. Thus, the users are sheltered in a cozy zone. The distinctive form and modularity of the Kaiva seating – a soft furniture seating that leaves the final decision on shape to the user. It is made even more comfortable by soft upholstery, configured to match the cubicle with the interior and user preferences. Functionality of the whole is further enhanced by the optional TV stand, useful for meetings, presentations and working together. The cubicle is a perfect solution for offices, co-working areas, libraries, universities and public spaces, such as airports, hotel lobbies and other big halls.

Kaiva Meeting Pod Features:

  • Noise-blocking upholstery materials.
  • High panels that designate the space.
  • Soft, upholstered seats.
  • Optional TV stand with integrated cable management.
  • Optional table for a mug or notebook.
  • Available in various configurable materials.
  • Simple geometric form.
  • Recyclable materials.
  • Designed for offices, train stations and airports, libraries, university campuses and other public spaces.
  • TV stand – steel, max size of 32-70″, max weight 50 kg; equipped with cable cover.
  • Worktop – MFC 28 mm, ABS edge.
  • Natural wood – ash, with metal element, powder coated, coated with transparent varnish, profile 40 × 40 mm, spacer 10 mm between top and frame.
  • Leveling – 10 mm range.
  • Screen – wooden frame, upholstered, Sonic technology structure with A-class acoustics certificate.
  • Seat – cut foam, upholstered.
  • Backrest – plywood covered with foam, upholstered.
  • Base – cube, wooden frame, upholstered.
  • Dimensions: 2218mm x 1330mm, h. 1504mm.


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