Acoustic pods and acoustic booths are often an essential space in an open plan office. Today modern-day workspaces are commonly led towards open-plan designs, but private settings are still an essential pillar of office design. Donworth Office Interiors boast a wide selection of acoustic pods/acoustic booths to help create spaces independent from an open plan work setting. We have a substantial range of office meeting pods to accommodate your needs and can deliver all over Ireland.

The acoustic pods are a fantastic substitute for formal meeting rooms and breakout spaces. Thoughtfully designed with every detail of office phone booths to create a more productive way to work. They are easy to install, modular and freestanding so have the ability to be moved around in a space as required. Acoustic pods provide excellent sound insulation – great for times where privacy is a must. Meeting pods are beginning to be seen as an essential to open plan office design, with such benefits it’s hard not to see why.

Uses For Acoustic Pods and Acoustic Booths:

  • Meeting room area
  • Break out space
  • Canteen Nooks
  • Phonebooth
  • Reception areas
  • Sound insulated independent workspace
  • Video Conference

Fence Acoustic Booths

Fence booths are available in a range of two and three seater sofas.

Fifteen Acoustic Pods and Booths

The Fifteen Pods is a range of modular flexible units designed to create areas for communication and collaboration.

Hana Phone Booth

We Meet Pod modules insulate against noise & allows you to interface with digital technologies.

Hako Acoustic Meeting Pods

 Inspired by industrial architecture and industrial style, the Hako acoustic booths support the acoustics of contemporary office spaces.

Kaiva Acoustic Booth

The Kaiva seating modules were teamed with high screens and a practical table to create a cubicle for meetings.

Acoustic Screens

Browse through our collection of acoustic desk, freestanding, wall or ceiling screens

Office Pod Configuration and Capacity

The possibilities when designing your office pod are boundless. We carry ranges such as the roofed ‘Bea Dens’, the enclosed ‘Haha Phonebooth’ and open top sofa configured ‘Marea’. If needed, the pods can also be custom made to accommodate your office interiors needs Our sound proof pods feature various seating capacities – ranging from single person phone booths, single person sound insulated work stations, 2 person meeting docks, 4 person sofa pods and 6 person sofa pods.

Furnishings and Finishes

Upholstered in a wide selection of high quality fabrics, including ‘Camira Blazer’ – a popular fabric amongst the design community. Our pods also have the option of integrated sofas and soft furnishings, all in a wide range of finishes fabrics and materials.

Pod & Dens Integrated Extras

Our pods have optional integrated extras, including soft seating, meeting chairs, meeting tables, electrical outlets, whiteboards, presentation equipment. Many of our pods have an option for fitted glazed doors – for that extra touch of privacy.