The new HUG chair line with the techno-polymer as a chosen material to make it. Revised with a modern approach. The aim of the HUG chairs is to be increasingly sustainable through good practices in favour of the environment. HUG is therefore made with a certified regenerated Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) material. Chair and armchair reach a higher ethical level and higher quality. HUG is giving life to a creatively green collection suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments. The chair features an extremely distinctive element: between the seat and the backrest the designers introduced a band-like element with a rounded and balanced shape, defined by a relieved striped pattern, that envelops just like a hug.

A chair with multiple options – the choice is yours! The HUG chair allows for diversity. Arms or no arms, upholster the seat in your chosen fabric and match the upholstery on the arms – mix the colours, create a statement in your design!

HUG is technically a monocoque, but it is actually a flexible system in which the components combine to create different chair and armchair configurations. Designed for the outdoors, it also fits well in interior spaces, with the possibility of covering some of its parts with fabric.


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