Create spaces of privacy with the use of Series 25 freestanding screens. An efficient and budget friendly solution to an open plan office space. The freestanding systems are modular, enabling you to create spaces in multiple locations for a variety of uses. Series 25 Screens are also available with castor, providing more versatility to your workspace. Our screens are available in a large collection of materials such as sound insulating fabrics, wood and glazing – all complying with the EU standards.

Use freestanding screens to create separate desk cubicles, ensuring privacy and sound insulation in open plan office spaces. Open plan offices are proven to promote teamwork and a sense of equality in the workplace, but can oftentimes feel distracting.  A study published in the British Journal of Psychology in 1998, states:

If you can hear someone talking while you’re reading or writing, your productivity dips by up to 66%, and when sound masking technology was used in an office, there was a 46% improvement in employees’ ability to concentrate.

All of our sound absorption panels/screens come in a choice of finishes. Browse through our online collection of office screens and dividers delivered to Dublin, Cork, Galway, Limerick and other county in Ireland. Feel free to call and chat to our team who’ll guide you through selecting the system best suited to you.

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