The Profit is a wide range of height adjustable desks. Choose from single motor, dual motor or triple motor frames. Profit is a versatile range – choose the right desk size for your needs. Simple design electric or manual height adjustable desks are functional and reliable office or home workstation choice. Promoting healthy working Profit allows the user to switch between sitting and standing positions. This positively impacts both physiological health and psychological performance. The electric height adjustment allows the user to save 4 favourite positions. Profit height adjustable desks are an active desk solution – allowing the user to adjust height quickly and easily – work comfortably, whether you are sitting or standing.

Raise the standards of your workspace. Create a health-conscious environment using our Profit sit-stand desking range. There are endless benefits to working at a height-adjustable desks, including;

  • Sit-Stand Desks help to reduce back pain.
  • Help Improve mood and energy Levels.
  • Boost Productivity.
  • Sit Stand Desks help in Preventing unhealthy weight gain.
  • Help lower the risk of developing cardiovascular disorders.
  • Help reduce blood sugar levels.
  • Single motor desks height adjustment between 690-1150mm.
  • Dual motor desks height adjustment between 625-1275mm.
  • Profit is available in a wide range of frame styles – straight, double bench, 90°, 120° or 180°.

Profit Straight Height Adjustable Desk:

Profit Bench Height Adjustable Desk:

Profit Corner Height Adjustable Desk:

Profit 120° Height Adjustable Desk:

Profit 180° Height Adjustable Desk:

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions and User Guide


Experts advise that sitting at your desk all workday is bad for your health and therefore the user should stand at their workstation for at least 15-20 minutes per hour. Your health professional may also make recommendations.


A sit-stand desk allows to vary between standing and sitting by making it possible to raise your workstation. By being able to alternate sitting and standing, the user can vary their body position more often while working, allowing to change your routine and reduce health risks of sitting all day – standing at your desk once in a while is very beneficial for your health.


Maintain a neutral body position while both, sitting and standing.

  • Your hands, wrists and forearms should be straight and relatively parallel to the floor.
  • Your head should be level or slightly bent forward – in line with the torso.
  • Make sure your spine is straight.
  • Allow for your shoulders to be relaxed.
  • Your elbows should stay close to the body and bent at 90-120 degrees.
  • You should not twist your upper torso.
  • The monitor should be at your eye level or slightly below eye level.

When the desk is in a standing position, make sure of the following:

  • Make sure your arms are at the same position as they would be when you are sitting at your desk. The workstation should not be too high.
  • The height of the monitor should be at your eye level or slightly below your eye level – the same as if you were sitting at your desk.
  • Make sure that cables, electrical access and other elements do not make adjusting your desk difficult.
  • Do not lean on the desk and do not lean to only one side.
  • Do not lock your knees.
  • You may consider to use a footrest when standing – this will allow you to shift your weight from one leg to another as needed.
  • Also consider a use of an anti-fatigue mat where appropriate.


Yes! Our standard electric height adjustable desks have four memory setting – you can save your best sitting position and standing position in your settings – then, by just a press of the button, the desk will adjust itself to saved height.

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