René Herbst

René Herbs

Design Classic chairs, Sofa and table by René Herbst loved by architects today world wide. René Herbst, (Paris, 18 March 1891 – September 29, 1982)
Considered one of the greatest designers of the twentieth century, one of the founders of contemporary design. After a period of study at the Ecole de Paris since 1908 he began to have experience in the field of furniture design and furnishing, working with atelier of architecture in Paris, then in London and Frankfurt to debut at the Salon d’Automne, where he has a “resting corner”. Extremely important were the twenties and thirties, where he experimented with steel tubular furniture to which he inserted elastic elements. produces at Etablissement René Herbst in Paris, the furniture firm he founded. Of great importance was also the collaboration with Siegel & Stockman (founded in 1867) for which he made mannequins and furnishings considered masterpieces of modernism. He was cofounder of the Union des Artistes modernes (UAM). In the post-war period he continues his research, but continuing to develop new housing.