The Hako Acoustic pods come in several different sizes. Inspired by industrial architecture and industrial style, the Hako acoustic booths support the acoustics of contemporary office spaces. In Japanese it means “a box” and refers to a traditional Japanese check that underlines the modular construction. Its successful design allowed to eliminate the floor without losing the stability of the booth. It improves mobility, is wheelchair accessible and facilities cable management. Of course, the floor is still optional. Hako is characterised by a wide range of possibilities, that also becomes an architectural structure. An office phone booth or a modular construction accommodating 2-4 people, or create a conference room for up to 6 participants.

Automatic lighting and silent fan boost the comfort of work. The acoustic pods ensure privacy of conversations and meetings; effectively create work zones without the need of putting up permanent walls. It’s a space dedicated to quiet work, important conversations and brainstorming. The Hako Meeting pod ensures boosted concentration and privacy of discussions; it’s an alternative to conference and meeting rooms. Glass walls introduce spaciousness, daylight and easy access to the remaining zones in the office. The modular construction easily blends into the office’s design, eliminated floor is wheelchair accessible and improves cable management. The soundproof booth will match the users’ needs and perform perfectly in various spaces.


  • Sound absorption level: 25,7 dB.
  • Acoustic parameters proven by an ISO 23351-1:2020 examination.
  • Automatic lightning system with a wireless switch.
  • Quiet ventilation system with speed adjustment.
  • Airing function: ventilators work up to 5 minutes after leaving the booth.
  • Available with an integrated floor or without it.
  • Wheelchair accessible.
  • Layered construction of the walls, sound-absorbent upholstery.
  • Optional Mediabox: 2x230V + 1xUSB + 1xUSB C, LED SLIM panel.
  • Electric systems available: EU, USA, Schuko, UK, CH.
  • Ideal for phone calls and quiet work.
  • Designed for open spaces in offices and public places.

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