The Drive Height Adjustable desks is a large family of desks – whether you are looking for Electric Desks, Manual Desks or Bench desks – you will find it in the Drive family. Drive meets the work requirements of people with different styles and work ethics. An ergonomic system, tailored for modern desks.

Drive Manual Height Adjustment

Drive with manual height adjustment is an analogue alternative to the standard Drive desk. With the same aesthetic and all the advantage of electric Drive desks, having all advantages of height adjustment. The manual regulation system works quietly, with no need for connection to electricity – allowing for endless configuration possibilities. With no cables involved, the Drive Manual desks provide unlimited options for location, being independent and not relying on a power socket. The user can still adjust the height of the worktop to their needs and working styles, stand up or sitting. The manual version of the Drive is ideal for hot desking or spaces with an insufficient number of power sockets.

Drive Electric Height Adjustment

The Drive height adjustable desk is an ergonomic workstation with universal applications, responding to the demands of different people. This electric height adjustment system allows the desk to fit to individual needs of the user and specific work dynamics. Its sit/stand nature can promote healthy body positions, which may help reduce or prevent back pain. The ability to have the desk in a sitting or standing position, makes it an accessible to wheelchairs.

Drive Electric Bench Desk Height Adjustment

Drive desks meet the requirements of people with different styles and specific work requirements. Electrical height adjustment of the worktop allows fitting the workspace to one’s individual needs while at the same time it introduces an alternative to long-lasting sedentary work. A Control Panel with built-in memory helps to set up preferences as well as restoring those settings. Thanks to that functionality, the adjustable Drive desk will be a perfect choice for traditional offices as a base for individual sit-stand work stations. What is more, it can support different ways of working such as hot-desking or co-working.

Drive Electric Height Adjustments – Features:

  • Electrical height adjustment in the range of 650-1300 mm.
  • One of the most quiet motors on the market, only 48 dB.
  • Ideal match between height of the desk and user’s needs.
  • Optional setting memory and Bluetooth app.
  • Anti-collision system with counterweight and giroscope.
  • A few sizes of the top and finishing materials to choose.
  • Compliant with standards: DIN EN 13849-1:2007, Performance Level B; RoSH 2011/65/UE; LVD; EU Directive 2006/95/EC; EMC according to EU Directive 2004/108/EC; PN-EN 55014-1:2017-06; PN-EN 55014-2:2015-06; PN-EN 60204-1:2010P; PN-EN 61000-1-2:2016-11; PN-EN 61000-6-3:2008/A1:2012; PN-EN 60335-1:2012; PN-EN-ISO-12100_2012P.
  • For various working spaces: traditional offices, coworks, hot-desk spaces, as well as public interiors, eg. universities.
  • For bench desks – stepless electrical height adjustment in the range of 650-1300 mm.
  • For bench desks – wo work stations at one desk.

Drive manual Height Adjustments – Features

  • Compliant with standards: PN-EN 527-2:2017-02.
  • Manual height adjustment system in the range of 650-1000 mm.
  • Ideal match between height of the desk and user’s needs.
  • Possibility to stand up while working.
  • Quiet manual height adjustment system.
  • European quality of components produced and tested.
  • A few sizes of the top and finishing materials to choose.
  • Solid and durable MFC worktop.
  • Stable metal frame.
  • For group working spaces: offices, lecture hall, training rooms, laboratories, workshops.

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