STANDARD Locker type cabinets were designed as a multifunctional piece of furniture. Depending on the needs of the user, the lockers can function as name-tagged storage for personal belongings of the employees in the office or a co-working centre or storage system for archives. What is more, they can also be used as a tool for effective correspondence management. The wide range of uses makes the locker type cabinets an essential tool in the offices of traditional as well as more flexible character.

Freely configure the lockers to your needs – play with heights and column number. Choose patent, digital, code or card lock, depending on the users needs. The STANDARD lockers are an ideal option for any office space, cloakrooms, reception or public spaces. The doors are an excellent feature – allowing to choose a unique colour for each doors, you can create patterns and possible designs. A letter slot for each locker allows for private correspondence to be delivered directly to the receiver.

STANDARD Lockers Features:

  • Compliant with standards: PN-EN 14073-2:2006.
  • MDF board with FSC and PEFC certificates.
  • Modular system of adding height and width of the locker.
  • Optional metal base.
  • Possibility to freely configure colours of the fronts.
  • Available with patent, digital, code or card lock.
  • Optional felt basket for the inside of the segments.
  • Designed for offices, receptions, cloakrooms, archives and public spaces.

Technical Data:

  • Top – MFC 28 mm, ABS edge.
  • Body – MFC 18 mm, ABS edge.
  • Front – MFC 18 mm + HPL.
  • Base – MFC 18 mm, ABS edge.
  • Boards density: 12 mm – 690 – 750 kg/m3, 18 mm – 650 – 690 kg/m3, 28 mm – 610 – 630 kg/m3, 36 mm – 610 – 630 kg/m3.
  • Internal dimensions of one segment – 364 x 388 x 373 mm.
  • Horizontal partition wall – 18 mm laminated board, edging of ABS.
  • Opening for inserting sheets of paper – slot 17 mm.
  • Patent lock – option with extra charge – code, digital lock or card lock.
  • Levelling feet 27 mm – range 5 mm.
  • Symbols – important when choosing a colour, possible to choose front in various colours.

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