Kaiva modular seating is designed by Dymitr Malcew. The distinctive form and modularity – a soft furniture seating that leaves the final decision on shape to the user. Inspired by stacked stones, Kaiva modular seating is a few freely movable elements, which can be combined. Create an original place for conversation with the Kaiva sofa or a place for informal meetings adding the high back to the seating. Providing acoustic comfort with integrated seats and backrests eliminates the need for additional partitions. The soft form combined with vivid, top-notch materials create a casual atmosphere. Available in several sizes and sections, with low or high back, Kaiva modular seating allow for endless combinations and possibilities.



  • Modular construction.
  • Wooden frame, upholstered plywood backrest and foam seat.
  • Possibility to add an acoustic screen.
  • Designed for offices, hotels, waiting rooms, libraries and public spaces.
  • Screen – wooden frame, upholstered, Sonic technology structure with A-class acoustics certificate.
  • Seat – cut foam, density of 55 kg/m³, upholstered.
  • Backrest – plywood covered with foam, density of 55 kg/m³, upholstered.
  • Base – cube, wooden frame, upholstered.
  • Wooden frame
  • Connecting element – powder coated steel ,included, 4 pcs/ screen.



Creating a break-out space within your office is essential. A relaxing space would allow for creativity to flow – get the best out of your employees in the work environment. Encourage communication and create a space for meeting, giving your employees a space where they can relax as well as maintain an active attitude.

Break the linearity of a typical office interior. Create new, creative and efficient spaces with unlimited possibilities! Choose the soft seating that will suit your office, lounge or reception area best.

Adding sofas, armchairs or pouffes to your space, provides movement and uniqueness with the welcoming aesthetic.

At Donworth, we provide a wide range of soft seating to match any office environment.