Meeting rooms – the most important decisions in your company are made at the meeting table. At Donworth & co, we offer a wide selection of meeting tables in a variety of sizes, shapes and finishes – in a range of styles to suit all budgets and environments, to best suit your individual needs. Our meeting table are a perfect element for creating both personalised and practical workspaces to host a meeting with your clients, partners or your team. Meeting tables are an essential part of each conference room, perfectly fulfilling not only their function but also promote people’s well-being and productivity.

Teamwork is an important element of any company – ensure that you and your employees can communicate, work optimally, and make the best decisions at any time. This is why the meeting room needs to be planned precisely, paying attention to the room functionality and aesthetics.

Below is a selection of meeting room tables that Donworth Office Interiors provide our clients.


What is the most appropriate shape and size?

Meeting tables come in various shapes and sizes. The first step, and the most important step is to establish the size of the room available. Secondly, the number of people you would like to fit at the table. At Donworth & Co, we offer various shapes of meeting tables, whether it is round, oval, boat shaped, square or rectangular meeting table that you require – our tables also come in various sizes in diameter, depth and width.

Your meeting room is where you meet your team to discuss ideas, your clients or your partners, that’s why it is important to plan precisely and consider all those variants.

Meeting Table Styles

Each meeting table shows the company identity – this is why it is important to choose the best style to suit your company, not losing on the functionality. We offer a wide range of finishes.


Height Adjustable Meeting Tables

Do you need something more in your meeting room? How about a height adjustable conference table? At Donworth & Co. we will help you achieve the height adjustable meeting table of the size you need. Contact our team to discuss!

Do you help with designing my meeting room?

Yes, we have a fully qualified and passionate team of Interior Architects who will make your vision a reality. Just let us know what you require!

Can I buy a single piece of furniture?

Of course, enjoy the benefits of customising your furniture whether it be a single meeting table or the full meeting room.

Is there a warranty?

Yes – we carry a warranty of 5 years on all of our products.

What is the lead time?

The lead time on our meeting tables is 4-5 weeks.

Where do you ship to?

We deliver to every county in Ireland, feel free to call our sales team if you have any concerns about your location.