New School chair – a classic form of a school chair in a brand-new edition. The New School chairs mean multiple configurations that adjust to office areas of various purposes. Several types of bases as well as wide range of colour schemes can be complemented with additional functionality. Boost the comfort by adding a headrest or an armrest. Chair on castors and the classic swivel chair fit the office spaces whereas the bar stools are suitable for coffee shops and canteens. The upholstered variant brings comfort to the interior, while the plywood finish introduces a practical accent. New school chairs are a multi functional solution that meet the requirements of the modern needs.

New School chair features:

  • Height of the seat: 462mm.
  • Available metal bases: 4-legged, 4-star, 5-star.
  • Available with swivel and fixed seat.
  • Practical add-ons: headrest, armrests, castors and adjustment mechanism.
  • Easy to maintain plywood version.
  • Stackable up to a 5 pieces of the plywood version.
  • Reference to the traditional form of a school chair.
  • Designed for different spaces in the office.


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