Mesh sofa and armchair – modern, dynamic line and distinctive design. A product designed in accordance with the idea of customisation. Leaving the final decision to the end user, regarding the appearance. Choose the type of the shield, the colour schemes and the type of fabric. Allow yourself to adjust the Mesh collection to the interiors of your office and activities that are predominant in a given place. The modernistic armchair and sofa can have miscellaneous purposes. Depending on the shape of the backrest: small back-end creates a cooperative atmosphere. Determine a private space with the higher back. Create an acoustic niche with the higher and wider version. The collection can be complemented by stylistic coffee tables.

Compliment the Mesh seating with a stylistic coffee table. The creative shape allows to add an inspiring touch to any interior, such as waiting rooms or chill-out areas. Adding more uniqueness – the body of the coffee table may be upholstered in various fabrics – allowing to match to the rest of the collection. Variety of arrangements is possible with the two sizes of the Mesh coffee table, adding functionality to any area.


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