Nova – a contemporary styling combined with tailored upholstery techniques produces tub chairs with elegance and choice to suit individual taste and corporate environments. Comfortable, stylish curved design tub chair. The nova armchair and sofa are ideal for reception areas and breakout areas. Option with open or closed bottom. The robust framework is constructed from wood with quality foams and upholstery fabrics.


Creating a break-out space within your office is essential. A relaxing space would allow for creativity to flow – get the best out of your employees in the work environment. Encourage communication and create a space for meeting, giving your employees a space where they can relax as well as maintain an active attitude.

Break the linearity of a typical office interior. Create new, creative and efficient spaces with unlimited possibilities! Choose the soft seating that will suit your office, lounge or reception area best.

Adding sofas, armchairs or pouffes to your space, provides movement and uniqueness with the welcoming aesthetic.

At Donworth, we provide a wide range of soft seating to match any office environment.