We spend so much of our day sitting at a desk or meeting table, which is why quality office seating is so important. We manufacture the majority of our office seating, this ensures the highest of quality, all componentry is sourced within the E.U and complies with European regulations.
We have a wide range of premium finishing fabrics and seating materials, browse through our collection online or pop into our showrooms to test them out for yourself.

Seating – Office Chairs

This is our strength, we have built our office design reputation on them. We manufacture our office/task chairs using the highest Italian quality componentry, dense long-lasting seating foam, and premium quality fire safe fabrics. Our team is lucky enough to work with premium suppliers, resulting in office chairs that are ergonomically conscious but also stylish.

Seating Meeting Chairs/Conference chairs

Alike our chairs we manufacture the majority of our meeting/conference chairs. Using the same premium component supplier Donworth Office Interiors guarantees exceptional standards. We provide an extensive array of styles including but not limited to: 4 leg meeting chairs, cantilever meeting chairs, wooden frame meeting chairs, and mobile meeting chairs.

Seating – Canteen Chairs/Visitor Chairs

Whether you require a plastic moulded canteen chair or a sleek wooden Scandinavian designed visitor chair we have the chair for you. Browse through our collection online or pop into our showrooms to test them out for yourself.

Office Chairs

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Visitors Chairs

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Soft Seating

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Canteen Seating

Cantilever, four leg and rotatation chairs


High chair and high stools.