Quattro task chair is offering the user full support with the solid shaped back. A comfortable choice offering great support, the Quattro chair offers multiple functions.

– Synchronized mechanism – giving the ability to lean back into the chair.
– Height adjustable arms – adjust to your comfort, an advantage for taller/shorter statures’.
– Shaped foam back and seat upholstered in a choice of premium fabrics.


80% of us spend between four and nine hours a day seated at our desks. Our choice of chair will impact our comfort, concentration and well-being during every second of that time, whether we’re consciously aware of that or not.
At Donworth, our desk chair specialist, suggests to choose the right chair considering these factors:
– Start with how you work. What is your working day like, do you use computers regularly, are you an app developer, for instance, do you copy type?
– It’s not just about the desk chair it’s about desk height, the position of your keyboard, your mouse and where your being supported.
– The desk chair needs to make you comfortable in whichever positions you are in through the day, so consider those positions before you buy.


Match with:

OGI Y Desks

OGI W Desks

Legodesk Workstations