Bazalto pouf is inspired by irregular shape inspired by hexagonal form of stones in Irish Giant’s Causeway. Introduce a climate of freedom and independence in any interior space with the Bazalto pouf. Customisable layouts are believed to be the element of nature in less formal public and work spaces. Designed for chill-out zones and social areas, Bazalto can also be employed in waiting rooms, halls, and meeting places. Two heights of the components help to distinguish the seat from the backrest, which ensures comfort and privacy. The collection of colourful poufs can be functionally and stylistically complemented by a small side table. Bazalto is a piece of furniture that through the joy of playing with the form, releases the natural creativity of the user.

Poufs are a favourite piece of multipurpose furniture of Modsy designers. Versatile and functional, add a pop of personality to any interior space, they’re a perfect accent pieces for almost any room – whether it is your office, reception area or even your living room. Add some flexibility and a pop of colour to your space.

Match the Bazalto pouf with our Mix Poufs, Shape seating and coffee tables to create a unique space.