Stilt Sofa is a combination of a metal framework with a soft and comfortable seat.

Adapting to a specific space, Stilt can be used in various areas. The original sofa will flourish in spaces such as hotels, medical centres, restaurants, and office arrangements. Stilt sofa is also a great solution for public and residential interiors.

Matte finishes of the frame accompanied by an upholstered seat make a unique product of impeccable design.

You can choose from 2-seater or 3-seater sofas. Allow yourself to create numerous layouts, dedicated to both smaller and larger spaces.

Also available with high back, the Stilt sofa works as an arrangement element of an interior space.

By adding the high back, the sofa gains the ability to designate areas within a space.

The framework in a matte finish and upholstered seat create a unique piece of furniture that fit the interior regardless of the leading style.

View our Stilt Armchair to fully take advantage of the range.

Just sit back and relax!

Adapt with ease
Flexible design of the Stilt sofa, which can be utilised in various types of interiors from offices and hotel lobbies to waiting rooms and homes.

Next level comfort
Cushion upholstered in premium quality fabrics, ensuring comfort.

Smart design
Guaranteed longevity of the Stilt sofa – planned from start to finish.



Creating a break-out space within your office is essential. A relaxing space would allow for creativity to flow – get the best out of your employees in the work environment. Encourage communication and create a space for meeting, giving your employees a space where they can relax as well as maintain an active attitude.

Break the linearity of a typical office interior. Create new, creative and efficient spaces with unlimited possibilities! Choose the soft seating that will suit your office, lounge or reception area best.

Adding sofas, armchairs or pouffes to your space, provides movement and uniqueness with the welcoming aesthetic.

At Donworth, we provide a wide range of soft seating to match any office environment.