The thickness of the seat and back make Loola chair an attractive option. The four leg frame chair is very solid and available in chrome or white powder coated base. All together this gives endless combinations which makes Loola chair suitable for any surrounding. Supplied in a range of colours, the four leg chrome plated frame allows for stacking up to 6 chairs high.

Canteen areas perform an important function in office design. Choosing the correct and comfortable furniture for your canteen is essential to keeping your staff happy and rested on their break times. Canteens are an essential place for employees. This is where they can unwind, relax, have a bite to eat and chat with each other.

It can be so important to ensure you obtain the correct balance of ambience with efficiency when designing the layout of a canteen, cafe, bar or even restaurant. Getting this layout and the canteen, cafe, bar or restaurant furniture wrong can have disastrous consequences as many professionals will testify from experience over the years.